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Manpower Consultancy

Based on client's demand, Paswi shall send the resumes of candidates by mail. The whole recruitment process shall be taken care by us through mail. Clients shall select the resumes sent by us. Those candidates can be telephonically interviewed by the client. Paswi can send these candidates by obtaining proper visa documents from client. Paswi recruits manpower in India and places them for client with specific manpower consultation efforts. In this case client has to issue the demand letter, power of attorney and employee and employer agreement.

Deputation of Manpower

We recruit manpower and depute to various companies in India as well as abroad through our service department. Paswi selects the candidates through advertisement in India, trains them for the specific assignment based on client's requirement and sends them abroad for services. Our experts, having experience in the field of manpower consultancy and selection services, will interact with the candidates to check their intellectual, interpersonal, accommodative and perspective ability and finalize their selection for a particular assignment in abroad. For the above services paswi shall charge on monthly basis based on agreed manmonth / Manday rates and overtime as per the local Law. In this paswi shall take care of all the services related to transportation ( Mob & Demob ) of candidates to the required destination and the relevant documentation works. The charges for the transportation shall be as per the mutual agreement between the clients and us.

Peak Hour Management

Paswi shall give technical project planning, scheduled consultancy work and provide peak hour management solution to reach the project target dates. As paswi has its own potential project schedule consultant staffs, it executes the same by applying their ideas and skills during project peak hours. Paswi shall have the charge pattern on manmonth basis or by lumpsum price. Paswi can track the project activities and report the same to client's office to attain the target dates. Paswi shall act as a mediator between client and the down line contractors / vendors.

Client Interviwes

Based on the client's requirement, we organise an interview for the the recruited candidates and forward them for service to the client destination in the globe. All the paper formalities shall be done by PASWI in the hassle free way on behalf of the client. In this case client has to issue the demand letter, power of attorney and employee and employer agreement. For the above services paswi shall make the advertisements, arrangements regarding the interview hall for client interface with the candidates, interview call to candidates and the interviewing methods. This will be followed by the formalities required in sending the candidates to the client destination. Paswi shall charge its rates for the above process of recruitments on case to case basis. Paswi shall do all the recruitment processes in a very systematic and professional way without violating any rules and regulation of the government procedures.


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